#Lovecrumbs... and how it converted us

April 02, 2014

In our never-ending quest to uncover cool new stuff in the life of the modern man, we aim to bring you reviews of things, places to see and stuff to do.

To start with, we would like to share a new find in our historic city: #Lovecrumbs. Situated by Grassmarket, it calls itself a 'cake shop' so at first we were suspicious...  As has been said before on this blog, glittery pink cupcakes are not the average bloke’s idea of a perfect treat or a mid-afternoon pick me up. 

The space is large, open and functional, with an air of old-fashioned practicality. It is modern without being pretentious.  If you are searching for a café in Edinburgh with a genuinely relaxed atmosphere then this place is pretty ideal.

If our experience is anything to go on #Lovecrumbs artisan treats will revolutionise your standards. You don’t even have to go for something sweet. They do a mean cheese scone – it’s served with marmite for those who love it and for those who don’t - fortunately it is optional - and is most definitely the tastiest thing we’ve ever had to accompany our afternoon flat white… 

We could get accustomed to this. Just look at that... if ever a cake has deserved a 'phwoar' its this one:


For more info check out their website www.lovecrumbs.co.uk

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