Debit, Credit, Splurge - The Creative Chap

November 30, 2014

He's more Ernest Hemingway that Chris Hoyt, we cater to our creative chaps with a focus on a mix of style, elegance and refinement.  We've covered our gadget gents and outdoors men, but whatever your type and whatever your budget, we have the perfect match this holiday season. 


The Creative

He’s read every piece of poetry ever written (or it seems like it anyway). He never misses a misty landscape photo-op at sunrise. He keeps a sketchbook on him at all times in case inspiration strikes. Yup, your guy is a creative. Quality is important to the creative as their possessions and clothes express what’s going on in the inside which is complex, refined and of course very civilized.


Debit - Styish Leuchtturm Sketchbook 

Credit - Robinson Dapper Bow-tie 

Splurge - Vintage TypewriterOnly available in store as every single one is unique! Pop in to our new Queen Street store to find your exact type!



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