Last minute April Fools Ideas

April 01, 2015

Ah, April 1st, the most ridiculous day of the year where no one is safe from humiliation. Everyone gets into is, brands, people, even us here at The Brotique!  We got some of you good today when we announced the opening of our 'sister' store, The Bro-Chic! Don't say you weren't fooled, we know you were! If you weren't caught out today, why not take advantage of someone else with one of our top 5 easy April Fool to pull of at home? Just watch out, it may even be you who gets caught out! 

1.  Make someone special a lovely fresh Sundae...

...With mashed potato and gravy! 

2.  Share an Oreo with some bros...

With toothpaste disguised as the cream filled centre! 

3. Come on, be nice, go make your pal a cuppa

...and fill it with salt! *Disclaimer* Don't blame us if it gets spat directly back into your face. 

4. Slash on someone's tyres...


And our personal favourite 5. Cage-ify someone's world. 

Use this Chrome Extensionto replace every image on thier browser into Nicolas Cage. You're welcome! 


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