How to Choose the Best Fashion Watch for Men

July 13, 2015

How to choose the best fashion watches for men

Out of all of the men's accessories that are currently available on the market, a stylish watch is one of the most practical and sophisticated items you can buy. Therefore, regardless of whether you are looking to replace your old watch or if you are shopping for anniversary or birthday gifts for men, listed below are our top timepiece tips which will help you to choose the best fashion watches for men:

1. Consider the size of the watch face

When purchasing a new watch it is important that you choose a timepiece that has a suitably sized face, clearly visible at a glance. Moreover, it is also worth considering the colour of the face and the style in which the dials and numbers are represented. Although smaller, dark coloured faces are sophisticated fashion choices, if you cannot use them to rapidly tell the time then a larger, lighter coloured clock face may be more appropriate for you.

2. Scrutinise the case of each watch

Unfortunately, a large number of low quality analogue watches will break and crack over time due to faults in the structure of their cases. As a result, it is strongly recommended that you scrutinise the case of each watch you intend to purchase. By checking that the watch you wish to buy is fitted with either a steel, silver, gold or platinum case in a matte finish, you can rest assured that your particular watch will stand the test of time!

3. Invest in a long-lasting strap

Many fashion watches for men are fitted with either leather, stainless steel or plastic straps. Even though each of these different straps boasts its own wealth of practical and aesthetic benefits, we recommend investing in a watch with a leather strap. This is due to the fact that leather watch straps can be comfortably adjusted to suit all manner of wrist sizes and they will not chaff your skin over time. What's more, leather straps will suit a diverse range of smart and casual attire in addition to retaining their classically stylish aesthetic appeal for many years to come.

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