Best Man Gift Guide

August 21, 2015

Best Man Gift Guide

A wedding is a nerve-wracking time for any groom, and there's no doubting that the importance of the best man in keeping everyone on track and providing an unshakable pillar of support for the groom is paramount. So how can you reward all his hard work and unwavering support in the lead-up to and during the wedding? Here are some top choices for you to consider. 

Grooming kits

How's that for a pun: a grooming kit from the groom as a thank you gift for the groomsman, in this case the best man. But it really is a gift you can class as perfect. Why so? Because nowadays almost everyone is impossible to buy for, because almost everyone has absolutely everything they’ve always wanted and needed. Something like a top-end grooming kit – such as a Piccadilly Shaving Co. Lime Brush and Bowl Gift Set or a Triumph & Disaster Summer Tool Kit – is something a man can actually use. After all, most men, if they care to admit it, need a lot more grooming products.


The same is true for men's accessories – you can never have enough of them. So here again we have an ideal solution to your best man gift dilemma. A classic accessory, and one that goes down well with any man, is cufflinks. A quality pair will hopefully last a lifetime, and each time they're worn will bring back memories of your happy day. Another option is slim leather wallets, which have become increasingly trendy and your best man might be delighted to slim down from his current bulky money and card holder. Or how about an attractive and stylish watch? Your best man will certainly have time for a superior timepiece.

Manly Gadgets

If like most men, your best man starts drooling the second he sees the latest must-have gadget, you'll do well to get him one as thanks for helping you out. Top-of-the-range headphones, retro radios, a just-released tablet computer with a snazzy case – all of these, and much more, will make a worthy gift for your best man. You may have to shell out a bit more than you’d planned, but really, 500 quid instead of just 50 speaks volumes more about how grateful you truly are. 

Rare and unusual Gift Ideas

Going that extra mile to ferret out something unusual as a gift for your best man will make it all that more special, as you'll be rewarded with additional thanks for showing how much you care. Something like an antique stuffed chair, for instance, could go down extremely well, as might a beer making kit – and if your best man is a rugger fan, he'll go ape over a hand-painted rugby ball.

A manhamper

Yes, such a thing exists. What's in it? Anything you like – the best of food and drink and perhaps even a small gift or two as well. But if you neither have the time nor a clue, it can all be arranged for you.

Booze... if enough hasn't been consumed already 

No guy is going to say no to an expensive bottle of booze, so it’s always a welcome gift and a great one for your best man. Choose from a wide range of aged whiskeys and scotches – a 50-year-old single malt would go down a treat, even if it costs a packet. But, hey – how many times are you going to get married and have a best man? A whiskey or scotch gift pack is another good idea, as many contain mini bottles so you can sample different products, while others come with a handy hip flask and even tasting glasses.

For the best man who has absolutely everything

If your man falls into this lucky category, all is not lost; there are still some things you can buy as his best man gift that he most likely will not already have. Small, portable and compact Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2 Speakers, which come with a handle and have the maker's incredibly brilliant sound, might work well. Or does he sport a beard? A unique beard care kit – such as the Apothecary87 Limited Edition Whiskey Beard Oil Bundle – might be highly appreciated. As might a boxed and classic leather belt from leading Scottish manufacturer Ballanby.

There are lots more fantastic gifts for men out there; it's just a matter of putting a bit of thought, and effort, into it. You can go to any men's store or look online, where you'll find a world of choices just waiting for you. Items like wooden sunglasses for men are now incredibly fashionable and make a wonderful gift. Plus, you can order them online and have them in no time. Making sure you thank your best man the right way, and with an appropriate gift, will mean many more years of lasting friendship.

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