March 20, 2017

The Brotique's Guide to Spring Home Style

The weather’s warming up and the threat of snow is, hopefully, neutralised. The Brotique Edinburgh team plan to celebrate the longer days and light nights with a clear out of clutter and a newly 'Hygge' home, and we think you should too!


Hygge Home, Hygge Mind

We are all big fans of Danish design at the Brotique, and the ‘Hygge’ concept is so important to how we plan our interiors, both in store and at home. Everyone knows that our surroundings are vital for our general wellbeing, so take care of your space!

For me, Hygge it is about making everyday moments and tasks special, either with a beautiful object or a process. For example, your morning coffee. Making it in a french press, with high quality ground coffee and pouring it into a beautiful but practical mug then sitting down and enjoying it. The ritual becomes more relaxed, and the moment is savoured.

At home, Hygge is most important. Making everything comfortable, soft, clutter free and minimal but still looking great is the concept, and the way to do it is to start with thinking about your essential homewares. The first thing to do is evaluate your surroundings, what do you like? What needs a change? Starting with fundamentals like a fresh lick of paint (preferably warm, soft tones) or a spot of varnish on wooden floors will help you get inspired.

Living Room

If you’re living room’s getting a bit cluttered and it’s stressing you out, then now’s the time to sort it out. Buy yourself some great shelving, such as the String Shelving that we use in store, and boxes to keep it all organised but hidden. This is essential if you’ve got kids, keep it simple, a toy trunk is all you need to keep that stressful brightly coloured clutter at bay.

We would recommend candles in every room of your home, all with soft scents that compliment each other. Scents are all down to personal taste, we stock a range of PF Candles, they all smell fantastic and compliment each other brilliantly. If you're home is a bit smaller, then just go for two light scents.

Buying yourself some greenery for the living area will look great and improve the air quality immensely. Wash everything, and treat yourself to some new cosy throws and cushion covers to change things up. Have a clear out of all the things you don’t like anymore, make sure everything around you is either beautiful or useful.

The Brotique Edinburgh | Hygge you Home Edinburgh |


In your bedroom, start by getting rid of the TV, opting instead for some calming music and books. If you'd like a recommendation, try a James Blake album and Milan Kundera novel.

Buy yourself some quality cotton sheets and paint the walls a soft colour, then re-arrange your room in true hygge style. For example, the bed in a position that has plenty of space on either side and not facing the door, and some good black-out blinds on the window. Keep the lighting soft and warm, and make sure you have a bedside light if you plan to read. Make sure any candles in your room aren't too heavily scented, we would go for the Copal PF Candle. 


The cliche ‘Tidy home, tidy mind’ really does have some merit. I don’t know about you, but in my home the most mess builds up in the kitchen. As a keen cook with a small kitchen, it can be challenging keeping this space ‘hygge’.

Personally, I began with a big clear out, getting rid of utensils I never use and pots and pans that have seen better days. This re-arrangement really helped me enjoy the ritual of cooking again, not having my best pot on a shelf to high for me to reach was a small example of something that made me much calmer.

The Brotique Edinburgh | Hygge Interior Design 2017


Potentially, the messiest space in the house. Start by clearing out all the lotions and potions, there’s probably a few things in there that are from Christmas that you’ll never open, and a couple of things that haven’t seen the light of day in a year or so.

Give it a deep clean, get a cabinet in there and organise all the things you use every day so they’re easy to reach. Making sure the bathroom is tidy will make your daily teeth brushing or shave much more enjoyable. Put a couple of books in there too, and some candles...

Garden Inside & Outside

Gardening is not just for grandparents, it’s so relaxing and rewarding. Personally, I feel hygge extends into the garden, the satisfaction of growing vegetables or eating al fresco in the rare sunshine with the view of a lawn that is not overgrown is so satisfying.

Even if you’re garden isn’t so big, or you don’t have one at all, getting some plants in your home will both brighten it up, freshen the air and generally look great. Try looking at Geo Fleur, they're selection is beautiful and functional, just what you need for your newly hygge home! If you want to grow some herbs- great for in the kitchen- then treat yourself to a mini greenhouse for your windowsill.

We also love these pots for smaller cactuses and succulents, while these sacks are great for larger house plants, as they will have plenty of space to grow.

The Brotique Edinburgh | Indoor Plants 2017 | What is hygge | Hygge home

Home Office

If you often work from home, then organising your space is vital. It's easy to get a build up of paperwork and coffee cups, but working in a tidy space is definitely easier and leaves less room for procrastination!

Make sure all of the tools you need regularly are in arms reach, and get yourself a good desk tidy so that everything has a place. If you're an artist or maker, then I find it much easier to have a peg board for all of the tools I regularly use, it saves space but also looks quite nice on bare walls. If you're not lucky enough to have a window in the space, then get yourself a daylight bulb for your desk lamp!


Lastly, take the time to make sure you like the look of the space you live in and that it's comfortable. If you like your surroundings, your productivity and general wellbeing will be much better! 


Hopefully we have inspired you to change things up at home, but if you’re in need of some more information, we have a couple of books that we highly recommend- particularly Remodelista! Take a look at our Morning Routine blog for some more lifestyle advice. 


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