June 22, 2016

The Brotique's Guide to the essential men's products you need this summer.

With Summer now officially upon us, we felt it best to present to you The Brotique Edinburgh’s list of men’s essential products you’ll need to survive the inevitable sweltering week of Scottish summertime.

From men’s grooming to style, we’ve got something for everyone. Any of these great products make a great gift idea for men, so we have all those summer birthdays covered too.


Sunglasses are an essential summer item, whether you’re here or on your holidays abroad. The Mosevic Cassini Sunglasses are a unique take on classic sunglass design. The frames are made from reclaimed denim in black or indigo which make them incredibly durable and robust,  so they’re perfect for the beach or the park and will let you take double denim to a whole new level.


Minimal watches are all the rage at the moment and we’ve scouted the market to find what we feel is the best designed and hardest wearing watch out there. The Phantom Timepiece with brown strap is a great accessory to any summer outfit, be it day or evening wear and is great at keeping track of time flying by on those long summer evenings.


A great man once said “suns out, guns out” and those no better way to put your pythons on display than by wearing one of our Summer ‘16 Brixton Range. From beanies to t-shirts we’ve got a selection of our favourites for your perusal in store.


Keeping a beard in the summer months can be risky business. Over the winter it makes perfect sense to keep your face warm with a bit of fuzz but you can be forgiven for shaving your mane in time for summer. Many of our customers have told us that when its super sunny and warm their beards can get extra dry and a bit itchy. Rather than get rid of what is understandably a huge part of your look we’d recommend the Draper + Dow Beard Hydrator to keep your fuzz looking and feeling great no matter how hot it gets. This fast absorbing balm is perfect when you’re in a pinch and can easily keep your beard conditioned whatever the weather.


Summertime brings with it all the scents of citrus, from cocktails to beard oil. At the moment we can’t help so much with the former (we do have some plans in the works though) but when it comes to the latter our summeriest beard oil, and one of our personal favourites in store is the Zeus’ Verbana Lime Beard Oil. With lime as its base note, and with hints of other grape and orange this oil is the perfect edition to any beard or stubble you may be cultivating.

Whatever the weather, The Brotique team are confident that these summer essentials for men will keep you well groomed and looking sharp. 

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