Cross Cashmere "The Argyle" - Knitted Cashmere Jumper

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the argyle

I am a child of the ’80s, when Argyle knits adorned every plump golfing legend and even stouter Sunday afternoon swinger down the county club – I’m referring to the golf course, of course. This was my first introduction to a pattern that has been adopted by so many worldwide. To be frank, the 1980s gave this pattern an absolute kick-in to its fashion credentials but the passage of time has smoothed those sporting edges, making way for the new age wearer to embrace it. In reality Argyle has always belonged the classic set dressers, you don’t have over 200 years of longevity as a pattern without style being on your side. You only have to look at the chicest dressers in the ’40s and ’50s to see why this print is so palpable. Being adored by so many sections of society can only be a good thing, and I urge every wearer to do this look as THEY see fit. It’s fashion after all, have fun with it.


Pop culture is littered with argyle gems. James Dean dawning a beige/black concoction in East of Eden. Claudia Schiffer doing off-duty model chic in oversized argyle sweaters. Cher Horowitz wearing her grey and white diamond motif skirt to fail her driving test in Clueless. Even Paul Newman rocks it circa all of the ’60s. There is a lovely duality and gender neutrality about argyle that gives it durability. In short, this is in your wardrobe forever.