Cross Cashmere "The Cable" - Cable Stitching Knitted Cashmere Jumper

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the cable-knit

During the 17th and 18th century knitwear dominated infrastructure in Scotland. Kicking off with accessories from socks and stockings, right through to underwear and jumpers. During this time Fair Isle techniques were honed and developed, leading the way to the cable stitching used on Aran sweaters.

It’s in the early 20th century that we see cable-knit becoming a fashion symbol rather than practical workwear for fishermen. The post WWII boom allowed knitwear to become flavoursome with haute couturiers and knitting crazes took off around the globe.

There is not an autumn-winter that passes you do not see an adaptation of a cable knit go down a runway or hit the high street. Sure as the seasons change and snow follows sun, so too do these jumpers make an annual appearance. For that reason it’s a no brain to invest in one that will see you though not just one winter but several decades worth.

Due to the dense, soft nature of goat hair the marriage between cashmere and a chunky knit means warmth is at a maximum. The better the cashmere quality the warmer you will be. The higher the ply, the softer it will feel. For me, grey makes sense. It’s a natural tone, easy to keep at that shade should anything go awry in the cleaning process plus it goes with every colour, print and texture you can throw at it.