Cross Cashmere "The Hoodie" - Knitted Cashmere Hoodie

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A hoodie at this price may sound a bit odd, but this handmade piece of Scottish fashion is unbelievably flexible and can put a comfortable edge into any wardrobe.

You may be fooled into thinking this garment is a relative new kid on the block – that’s where you’d be wrong. The origins trace back to utility wear in medieval Europe. Fast forward to the roaring ’20s and the humble jumper we call hoody undertakes its final fashion transfiguration into the robe we wear today. Hoody roots have remained in workwear, its felicitous nature making sportswear its natural home at the start of the 20th century. Adopted by nonconformists, this inconspicuous piece of clothing has become a complicated cultural symbol.

Think weekend lounging, cosy, comfortable clobber that maintains a style edge. There’s a reason sports luxe was coined as fashion terminology. The hoodie sits within its own set of rules for the wearer. Add cashmere and this congruous concoction will leave you with plenty to play with in your wardrobe. Pop it underneath suiting to give a casual visual to workwear or plonk it on with some stretchy trousers and trainers it takes the slacker edge off slob dressing.