Cross Cashmere "The Wrap" - Knitted Cashmere Wrap Cardigan

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the wrap cardigan

Our most salacious of cover-ups, the wrap’s evolution is one worthy of gossip. Design power house Diane von Furstenberg claims the invention as her own, and although it is certainly synonyms with the living legend the roots go deeper than the dawn of disco in the ’70s. We find ourselves heading further back to the ’30s, when Elsa Schiaparelli was delving into Dadaism in her designs, to truly witness the conception of the wrap. This flowing frock was in essence a way of giving freedom to the female form. A symbol of sexual liberation, this item of clothing has become its own movement within a woman’s wardrobe but harps back to the robes worn by medieval monks. 


As a stylist I know there is no such thing as one size fits all, particularly over both genders. Different body shapes demand different treatments when it comes to dressing. Having said that, there is always one thing that defies any rule. In this case it is the wrap. Tall, short, slim, thick, busty, bony, hippy or skinny – whatever style your mortal coil comes in a wrap will be your buddy. You only have to look at the dedicated followers of fashion wearing wraps through the decades to see confirmation of this. Couple style ergonomics with cashmere and you have a match made in sensual heaven.