English Pewter Vogue Mini Glass Decanter Set - 180ml

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This isn't your grandmothers crystal. This handmade set is made to be used and at 180ml it's perfect for sharing just a few drinks. Paired with sipping shot glasses rather than full size glasses it's perfect for Rums, Sherrys, sipping liqueurs or even Whisky if you prefer it straight up.

This decanter and shot glass set are handmade in England. With only 180ml held in the decanter this set really is designed for sharing something a bit special one evening. It should be filled with a full-flavoured tipple and sipped slow, at a very leisurely pace.

The set has a beautiful weight to it and you can clearly see the effort gone into the making of it. It could sit in an elegant lounge, or unusually for a decanter would actually sit better in a contemporary, even industrial style home.