Clod & Pebble Stoneware Tea Bowl

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Stoneware Tea Bowls in White

Part of my new range of tea bowls made on the kick wheel from buff stoneware clay.

It features a white glaze which has been poured and dipped carefully on each piece.  

This glaze is really nice and is one of my favourites that I mixed myself.  (After many failed attempts!) It's got a nice quality where the iron in the clay causes speckles in the glaze which gives a great amount of character.  

Perfect for Green, Jasmine or Herbal tea but equally you can use them for dipping bowls, or if you fancy something stronger than tea in your cup they'd make great whisky tumblers!  

size: 8.5cm  x  8.5cm  x  6.5cm (approx)

weight: 170g (approx)

price:  £12