Zeus Beard Condtioner and Softener

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We say - This a is brilliant and citrus fresh way to soften that facial hair for the guy who shampoos his beard.

Zeus Beard Conditioner and softener is a superior beard softener, containing natural ingredients that tame even the most bristly beards and/or mustaches. We know beard growth can often be uncomfortable due to the dry, itchy skin beneath the beard. Zeus Beard Conditioner combats flaky skin with a blend of Pro-vitamin B5, Aloe vera, and Avocado oil to help soften and protect.

This conditioner also reduces inflammation and calms the skin. Zeus Beard Conditioner is specifically formulated for your beard to provide optimal moisture and comfort. It's also great for sensitive skin. Comes in a godly refreshing Verbena Lime scent that contain hints of floral and citrus notes or the spicy woodsy scent of sandalwood.