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Baubles, Brushes and Bubbles

Buying Christmas beard gifts for the man in your life can be tricky no matter if they are your brother, boyfriend or dad, even the bearded ones.

However, if the guy has a beard, you can be certain that some beard care items and or some form of facial hair item will be loved and cherished way beyond Christmas time.

Beard themed gifts for all this Christmas put together by the elves at The Brotique. We have put together a selection of the best gifts for people with beards. Click on the pictures to be taken to the product.

Gifts for Men with BeardsThe Brotique have curated the *Top 10 best gift ideas for bearded men*, be it Christmas, birthday, or you are just looking to treat that special man in your life to a beard gift.

Come to think of it no matter what the occasion this collection of beard grooming gifts are perfect for any time of the year!

Christmas Gifts for Men with Beard

1 Murdock London Beard Moisturiser

Our reigning champ of beardcare

Winner of Best New Beard Care at the GQ Grooming Awards, so we had to include this in our gift ideas for guys with beards, Christmas special. It deserves the accolades too - there’s not another product on the market that offers the leave-in conditioning power of this choice.

We love the Beard Moisturiser because it’s a leave-in conditioner that penetrates beards and absorbs easily into the skin - really softening, hydrating and protecting it. It minimises skin irritation and combats brittle hair, leaving it soft and healthy.

Especially useful if you expect to the beard that this will belong to under the mistletoe. Grab it here.


2 Percy Nobleman Beard Oil

An affordable but all natural beard oil

Percy grabbed the number 2 spot because it ticks so many boxes. It’s a great starter product for a guy who’s not already using something, it’s all natural and it's effective! We used this in store for years and it never fails

It’s also a very light oil, so it’s easy to work and soft on the skin.

A fine choice for our list of best gifts for men with beards 2017, Christmas special for sure. Beard oil is a safe option when it comes to selecting that perfect beard Christmas gift.

3 Kent Beard Brush

Try a beard brush that's handmade in the UK

There is nothing the team at Kent don’t know about making brushes. Kent has been making brushes by hand since 1777 and that experience shows.

This piece is beautiful to even hold, while the soft but sturdy bristles gentle work through the beard. Many beard brushes are too hard, they tug the follicle and don’t actually help release the natural oils of the hair.

We firmly believe this is the best beard brush on the market. There are cheaper brushes than this one on the market, but none compare.

4 Zousz Beard Balm

A premium gift to make a great beard gift

Once a beard is past the stubble stage and has some real length, it’s time to keep it in its place with beard balm. The packaging on this balm makes for a great gift.

The team at Zeous are making the most interesting, and compelling beard products on the market right now. Featured by GQ this beard balm is perfect for smoothing and taming a well-grown beard.

A fine choice for our list of best gifts for men with beards 2017, Christmas special for sure. Beard oil is a safe option when it comes to selecting that perfect beard Christmas gift. Also check out their super Christas set they do.

5 Murdock London Quice and Oakmoss Beard Shampoo

How about this Unique Beard Gift? 

Making it into number 5 on the best beard gifts for men is the Murdoch London Beard Shampoo. Something a little different when buying gifts for someone with a beard. Beard shampoo is more important than most people think. Regular shampoo can strip the natural oils from the skin under your beard, and face wash can strip the oils from the beard hair.
Beard shampoo is carefully balanced to cleanse the hair and gently remove dead skin, leaving the beard fresh and flake free.


6 Captain Fawcett Grooming Scissors

The Beard Care Gift

Next up in our beards gifts for him, top 10 list is Captain Fawcett Grooming Scissors. An ideal beard accessories gift or perfect as a stocking filler.

Enabling precision trimming of your top lip topiary and the easy removal of those errant Beard whiskers.

Captain Fawcett’s Gentleman’s Grooming scissors are sheathed in a beautifully crafted, natural vegetable-dyed leather pouch and secured with a strap and brass capstan stud for safe storage and ease of transportation.

7 Hudson & Armitage Pioneer Beard Oil

Because your chin shouldn’t be snowing

We love beards but we don’t love beard dandruff. The team at Hudson formulate each oil to tackle a different problem, so the Pioneer is the one to go for. Jojoba oil is the closest product in nature to our own sebum (the oil in our skin) and it helps the skin under the beard find it’s own natural balance again.

We can’t recommend this handmade oil enough.


8 Captain Fawcett - Folding Pocket Beard Comb

Gifts for a Guy with a BeardNext up on our Gift Ideas for Guys with Beards is a rather lovely unique beard care gift.

Captain Fawcett’s delightfully hand-crafted fine toothed Folding Pocket Beard Comb (CF.82T)… is the veritable bee’s knees. If you are running out of gift ideas for men with beards then this pocket beard comb is just what you are looking for.

An indispensable aid for the grooming, maintenance & shaping of your beard & moustache, helping to ensure you appear shipshape & Bristol fashion whatever the day may hurl your way. ‘All hail the hirsute’… Fawcett

Length 193mm (unfolded).

You can also get a matching leather case for it.

9 Muhle R89 Chrome Shaving Set

Unusual Beard Gift IdeaBuying gifts for bearded men can be a little difficult. They may already have a number of beard oils and balms however keeping the lines of a beard sharp can be a bit of an art form. This beautiful razor is just the tool.

Muhle’s traditional safety razor, the R89 Chrome Safety Razor is classically stylish and made with typically immaculate German precision.

The perfect weight balance and sensitive touch of this razor make it a great starting razor but also still retails all the precision needed by the expert hand. The closed comb shaving head and gentle angle of the head makes for a sensitive shaving experience.

10 Mr Bear Family Woodland Moustache Wax

It’s easy to overlook the difference a good moustache wax makes to the beadsman. If you leave the hair on the top lip to short, it stays spiky and can look out of place as part of a fuller beard. Moustache wax will keep it soft and keep it in place.

In spite of the funny name, this brand has great loyalty from its fans. Every scent they do is distinctive without being overpowering, it’s gentle on the skin and provides good medium hold.

So those are our top Christmas Gifts for Guys with Beards. We hope you have found the perfect beard grooming gift for that special man in your life. If you really want you can always throw in some beard baubles or beard glitter - depends on how hard you go at Christmas!

Happy Christmas! from the guys at The Brotique


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