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Our Ethos


 The Brotique Ethos  

Here at The Brotique Edinburgh, we pride ourselves on our carefully curated store and innovative products.


 As an independent, we aim to offer a tailored, relaxed and attentive shopping experience both online and in store with a selection of fine goods that offer style and substance.

 Whilst our business has developed we have focussed on maintaining our original ethos of providing a refined selection of goods and brands, from all over the world, with the needs of the style conscious modern man in mind.

From lifestyle accessories, books, contemporary men’s clothing brands, the best of sound technology and of course men’s grooming products; we can guarantee great men's gift ideas or something for yourself.

Here at The Brotique Queen Street headquarters, we are constantly sourcing new brands and are always on the lookout for new stock based on our customers suggestions and our staff's knowledge of men's style trends. We look out for stylish and innovative solutions to everyday problems that you didn't realise you had, until you visit us.

Men’s style is our passion, and men’s grooming is our speciality. Over the past couple of years, we have harnessed a wealth of knowledge on beard care and can now proudly say we stock the largest selection of the finest beard oils in the UK. We have built trust with our bearded customers through continuously offering a made to fit grooming regime suited to their needs.

Our dedication to creating a store brimming with quintessential products is reflected within our lovingly designed Queen Street store. The space we have built is our bricks and mortar, it represents who we are and the experience we aim to offer, both online and instore.

We take great pride in the space we have created, and love to offer the easily adaptable interior for specialised events, selected as carefully as our products, to extend The Brotique experience down another avenue of engagement for our clients and collaborators.

Unlike the fast-paced high street, in our independent men's boutique, we spend time getting to know our customers and their needs. Whether you would like to visit us in store, contact us or shop online; our knowledgeable staff are always around to guide the gift buyer, offer our expert advice to those buying for themselves, organise custom events or create a signature Man Hamper.


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