Apothecary87 Mogul Grease Hair Pomade

The team at Apothecary 87 are always pushing the barriers in mens grooming and this product is spot on. The marshmallow scent may sound odd but it's actually well balanced with the right hint of sweetness.

Mogul – This is the name for the NEW “Marshmallow” scent. Mogul is part of a process of creating marshmallows linked to the moulding of the product. This links well with the scent that is used in our product. In addition to this, “Mogul” also means an important or powerful person.
We feel that anyone wearing our Mogul scented product should feel important, powerful and uplifted.

A traditional style grease pomade

Pomades in the 19th century were usually derived from bear fat or lard and with long lasting moisturising properties, gave the user’s hair a healthy, slick, high shine appearance. The core inspiration comes from those same 19th century basics, modernised with a more charismatic fragrance and stiffening properties, granting more style possibilities like the pompadour or quiff.


Classic, slick backs, pompadour, quiff, side partings, messy wet look, wavy, curly and textured short wet look.


This formula allows for a strong hold for the most stubborn of hair. No more worrying about your hair not playing by the rules, as it is whipped into shape with the strong hold.

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