Murdock London Pre Shave Oil

Ensure a smoother, less irritating shave with Murdock London's best pre-shave oil.

A pre-shave essential, apply it before shaving to soften the whiskers and prepare the face for the razor's edge.

The all natural ingredients of sweet almond, wheat germ, bergamot and orange help moisturise the skin during shaving.

Just a couple of drops of oil per shave will do.


  • Apply three to five pumps of pre shave oil to a freshly washed face whilst the skin is still warm.
  • Massage onto the bearded area and leave to absorb whilst you prepare your shaving soap.
  • Apply the cream directly on top.
  • To replicate the procedure of a traditional wet shave, you can use a hot flannel across your face to soak the oil in.
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