Marvis Toothpaste 75ml

We brush our teeth twice a day, every day for pretty much all our lives and yet it's a task we pay little attention to. Marvis turn that on it's head and transforms this daily ritual.

Marvis is not just a luxury toothpaste, it really is an experience.

Classic Mint - Lively, exuberant and unmistakable: peppermint's freshness will give you an intense, prolonged, pleasurable sensation.

Whitening Mint - Cold Mint's polar thrill provides a long-lasting taste emotion and its whitening effect creates an unforgettable smile.
Amarelli Licorice -  A refined, fresh aroma with bitter-sweet sensuality. Created in collaboration with Amarelli, which produces the "best licorice in the world".
Rambas - An unusual, aromatic mixture that emits the Tropics' luminosity. An original aroma that captivates at the first taste.
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