Wilde & Harte Traditional Design Safety Razor & Shaving brush Gift Set

Each Traditional Grooming Gift Set brings together an Art Deco influenced Eltham Collection double edge safety razor with an engraved Eltham Collection badger hair shaving brush, mounted in a premium red satin bedded presentation gift box.

Reasons to purchase:

  • Classic shaving items with notes of Art Deco detailing
  • Optimum weighted stainless steel safety razor to assist and improve the shaving experience
  • Highest grade 'Best' badger hair shaving brush yielding a smooth, consistent shaving lather
  • Each item hand polished to an impeccable, ultra bright 'mirror finish’
  • Monogrammed enamel logo at base of razor handle
  • Engraved logo featured on shaving brush handle
  • Razor and shaving brush manufactured in the UK
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