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The Brotique Guide to Summer City Breaks 

The team at The Brotique Edinburgh have put together some of our favourite cities to visit this summer, and the best places to go once you get there.

Its that time of year again, you leave the house in wayfarers and board shorts and come home smuggling peanuts and covered in hailstones.

Such is the way in Edinburgh, but fear not we’ve been flipping through our collection of books to find some great cities that you can visit for the weekend and escape the dreicht for a short while!


Travel Blog | The Brotique Edinburgh

The keen eyed amongst you will of read our feature in a Buzzfeed article comparing Edinburgh to London, and we love being included with our less beautiful neighbour to the south.

In spite of the major and obvious differences in character between Edinburgh and London there are some things that London can offer that we unfortunately cannot. Edinburgh’s bar scene is thriving and with niche and hidden speakeasies popping up all over town we’re hot on the heels of the multitude of bars London has to offer.  

If this is your kind of thing, then we’d recommend visiting Happiness Forgets in Shoreditch. With a focus on high quality cocktails and a strict “no wallies” policy you’re sure to have a good time.

No more than five minutes walk from Happiness Forgets is our friends Kestin Hare’sflagship store so definitely swing by to check out their new season offerings.


Stockholm Travel Blog | The Brotique Edinburgh Blog

Scandinavians have always been cool, whenever a fashion trend or style hits the mainstream it’s always been floating about Scandinavia for at least 6 months. Stockholm is by no means the epicentre but definitely a key player in the Swedish cool scene.

If you are fortunate enough to visit this beautiful city then definitely check out the Moderna Museet, or the Museum of Modern Art if your Swedish is a bit rusty.

Based on an Island near the city centre (and across the water from The Abba Museum!) this free gallery offer some of the best contemporary emerging contemporary artists from Sweden and beyond.

Given the similarity in temperatures between Stockholm and Edinburgh (fierce mild) we’ve sourced a few items of our skincare range from Sweden, particularly the Recipe for Men collection. Focussed on minimal ingredients with maximum effect, their products are perfect for the travelling man who wants to keep their skin healthy in spite of the elements.


 The Brotique Edinburgh Travel Blog

Milan and fashion go hand in hand and by reading a copy of Men About Town the gentlemen of Milan certainly know how to take care of themselves. We spotted a couple of pieces that bear a striking resemblance to our Brixton range, particularly the hats. We were able to spot some which bore a striking resemblance to the Brixton Messer hat, and even a couple of Hooligan flat caps floating about.

When visiting Milan it would be a crime to leave without visiting Nottingham Forest. “But wait Brotique, Nottingham’s not in Milan” It’s the name of the bar dingus! It has the best cocktails in Milan. For a more refined and glamorous endeavour, Martini have opened up their flagship Milan bar within the Dolce & Gabanna store in the centre of town.


Berlin Travel Blog | The Brotique Blog

Techno, History, Art, Beer. Berlin has all of these in vast quantities that can be explored either on their own or much more enjoyably as a collective experience. Our favourite haunt in Berlin is White Trash Fast Food, with its punk aesthetic and vegetarian bbq this restaurant has it all. It even has its own onsite tattoo artist who caters to any style or need you desire.

With tattoos and Berlin in mind, we are happy to announce that over the coming weeks we will be stocking the Papertrophy range of wall mountable pieces in store. These simple and geometric designs give any room a modern finish without having to hurt any animals in the process. Available exclusively in store from June 15th make sure and pop in to see them.

The Brotique's 100ml Travel Wash Bag

When travelling it’s hard to know the essentials, especially considering you might have a fairly well stocked bathroom cabinet to choose from. Heres our list of essentials that you may of overlooked.

First things first, you need somewhere to put your toiletries, and to us you cant go wrong with the Brixton Tool Bag wash bag. Its small enough to slot easily into any suitcase and can store a surprisingly large amount for its size.

In saying this we run the risk of sounding a bit too maternal, but don’t forget your toothbrush. The Uppercut Deluxe Toothbrush is small, lightweight and easily concealed in your wash bag. Despite its rustic appearance  these brushes stand the test of time and will definitely be coming back with you for further use.

Deodorant next, last thing you want when you're flexing in a new city is to not be smelling your best. The Recipe for Men anti-perspirant is small enough for hand luggage, calm on the skin and will keep you fresh regardless of the weather.

After a night out at one of the bars or restaurants we mentioned you can be forgiven for waking up a little rougher than when you went to bed. Blame the alcohol consumption on the “different water” or “jet lag” if it makes you feel better. There is by no means a quick fix to the hangover conundrum but with a quick use of the Compagnie de Provence Face Scrub all the remnants of the night before will wash away and you’ll be fresh for the day ahead.

Finally you gotta get that hair looking good before you head out, so we got travel sized Byrd Pomade just for you. No issues again with this in your hand luggage as it is below the 100ml limit so even if you can’t take a big suitcase you can be looking great.

Wherever you do end up this summer, even if it’s just a day trip make sure you’re looking your best.  

The Guys The Brotique
The Guys The Brotique

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