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The Brotique's Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Gifts for men are our speciality, and our team have made fathers day easier for you by putting together some great gift sets for all budgets, we hope this blog gives you some inspiration! 


Style Set

Ballanby Bundle 

Dad’s love Ballanby, fact. We have a large selection of high quality tweed products for your dad and his dog. We also have a style hamper if you've got a bit more to spend or siblings to split the cost with! 


Beard Set 

Bearded Bastard Oil + Wax + Kent Moustache Comb

We know about beards, and we know that this gift set will offer a little bit of luxury to that bushy beard of his. Alternatively, you could go for the ever popular Captain Fawcett beard oil and moustache wax gift set. 


Stubble Care Set 

Draper & Dow Hydrator + Muhle R89 Safety Razor + CDP Exfoliator

We're not just about beards at the Brotique, with the stubble trend kicking off we have put together an ultimate stubble care kit. The exfoliator will help keep ingrown hairs at bay while the Safety razor neatens it up and the Draper & Dow Hydrator's innovative formula keeps the skin and hair healthy.


Tech Set 

Braven + Cable Organiser

For all those dad’s out there who are tech mad, we would go for a Braven speaker along with a cable organiser for his phone, tablet or laptop. There’s nothing more annoying for the tech reliant than the loss of a charger.

Travel Toolkit

Lifestyle Organiser + Nodus

If he’s always on the move, whether it’s because he’s taken retirement or it’s coming up for the summer holidays, this wallet will protect his cards from contactless fraud while This is Ground keeps all the essentials organised.

The lifestyle organiser is particularly great for family holidays, avoiding the constant concerns of passport loss or forgetting the ipad charger (a catastrophe for long flights with kids, trust us).

We also have a great Under 100ml washbag that's perfect for the city traveller. 

Home Set 

Cookbook + Candle

Some dad’s love to cook, and sometimes it goes wrong. Give him the gift of expert recipes with a candle in case he needs to cover up the evidence of more burnt toast. 


The Brotique Haircut Offer

Haircut gift voucher + Layrite of choice

So you might know that we are hosting a barber for the whole day on Sunday 26th, so why not give him a gift voucher for a haircut and whatever product is suggested by our talented barber.


The Dad Hamper

These hand picked hampers have been deliberated over for the past month within our team- which contains a dad, a daughter and a son, so we think we’ve covered all the bases!

If you want to make sure your dad has the perfect gift to reflect how great he is, maybe you should team up with your siblings for this fantastic selection.



Check out the full collection of Father's Day gift ideas by clicking here  


The Guys The Brotique
The Guys The Brotique

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