Bring out your bikes: Spring is officially here

March 20, 2014

Yes we know that wind is still blowing, but we can’t help but get excited about the official start of spring for the northern hemisphere happening TODAY. It’s definitely on its way now, and what better way to get prepared for summer than getting your bike out?

If you don’t own a bike there are plenty of other ways to get fit. This is the time of year when you can often get discounts on gym membership. Or just go for a jog in the park instead: its totally free and much more fun than being indoors. 

Sportswear is having a moment! So go out an invest in some gear that will encourage you to go further than you would usually go. 

We recommend the RunKeeper app which is currently doing a promotion with Pebble where you if you run your fastest time you are rewarded with a discount on a Pebble. This #smartwatch is great for long runs, since it allows you to check your progress or pause your session just by pressing a button on your wrist! Never loose another second to a traffic light or a pram in the park.


Plus there's the new Pebble steel out last week as well. If that's not a reason to take up running then literally nothing is.