5 Places to Grab a Coffee in Edinburgh

by Richard Murphy October 07, 2014 3 min read

We know that a lot of you out there are lovers of the aromatic black gold that is coffee. In Scotland's capital city it can seem like there are endless choices to be made until you find that perfect cup. So we at The Brotique decided to give you Edinburghers a hand and compiled our definitive top 5 coffee shops in town. How do you take yours? 

Brew Lab

Brew Lab is located on South College Street and is known as the place to go for those who want only the best from their morning cup. The artisan coffee bar brews 2 different blends each day as well as their famous Has Bean’s custom espresso. As well as this they work with a whole host of local business, bringing you cakes from Lovecrumbs and teas from Pekoetea amongst other produce. If you’re quick you might just catch their delicious cold brew that comes out over summer - espresso and water steeped overnight and chilled. It makes a sophisticated change to the usual iced latte.

Just a 27 minute walk from The Brotique. 

Project Coffee

Owned by former barista champion of Scotland, Jonathan Sharp is this gem on Bruntsfield Place. Even the interiors are something to behold, with clean lines and chic industrial utility at the focus - very Brotique. The shop uses Square Mile coffee from east London which features a whole range of tastes from El Salvador to Ethiopia.  We recommend the cafe mocha, made with real melted chocolate, as an ideal and sumptuous winter warmer.

A little bit further out. A 33 minute walk from The Brotique. 

Artisan Roast

Most Edinburgh coffee lovers will already know about Artisan Roast, which has been on Broughton Street since 2007. Boasting their own beans which are even supplied to other coffee shops, you can choose your perfect roast and have it ground to your exact specifications to take home. If you’d prefer to stay and relax, however, do try one of their unusual toppings on your brew including spicy chilli flakes. This location also hosts events like meditation sessions and mobile galleries making it a destination rather than just a pitstop.

A quick 15 minute walk from The Brotique. 

Printworks Coffee

One for the Leithers is Printworks on Constitution Street. This cafe champions British produce which really shows in the freshness and quality of both their food and drinks. Monmouth coffee is their supplier of choice and you know they care when you find out that each barista is required to undergo one whole month of training before they’re allowed to brew unsupervised. Printworks is definitely a perfect Sunday brunch spot for anyone in the area.

A 46 minute walk from The Brotique. Worth the journey. 


Ronde is a bicycle shop/cafe/art gallery, combining all of our favourite things in one cosy Stockbridge location. Edinburgh’s own Steampunk coffee and Au Gormand pastries are the best mix for that late morning pick-me-up and as we’re lovers of all things cycling we could just spend ages browsing the other wares Ronde has to offer. Even if you’re not a coffee lover it’s worth noting that their loose leaf tea is so fresh that they even fill the teabags themselves.   

Howdy neighbour! Only 3 minutes walk from Thee Brotique. 


If you like your coffee to also be a style statement why not ask for it in our MoMug? It also saves the paper from a throwaway cup and protects your hands from getting scorched with it’s double walls. 


You can find us sipping our brews at The Brotique at 41 St Stephen St in Edinburgh.  Sorted.

Richard Murphy
Richard Murphy

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