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3 Ways to Tie the Perfect Cravat

October 14, 2014

This one goes out to all those dapper gents out there. While many of you may have learnt a technique or two in scouts, tying knots has come a long way since then. Cravats are replacing ties as the neckwear of choice for those in the know and are a great way to show off some extra skills to those in work/people at the bar/your significant other.

But the trend really won’t pack such a punch if you have your cravat scrunched up in a heap under your chin - you need to put those dextrous hands to good use and channel your inner pirate to knot like a pro. Here’s our favourite tying styles and the tips on how to do them:


Daytime Cravat. This is a more advanced way to tie your traditional casual cravat that stops it from coming undone and needing to be regularly redone.

  • Start with your cravat round your neck with one end slightly longer than the other.
  • Take the longer end (A) and bring it over the top of the shorter end (B).
  • Then take A under B, then over again, then under again. Are you still with us?
  • Pull A over the loop like you would a tie but instead of tucking it in, show off whatever great prints you have chosen.
  • Finally, tuck the ends into your waistcoat or loosened shirt neck and adjust accordingly until it looks just right. This is the kind of look you’re going for…

Formal Cravat. This style works best with a cravat-pin to secure it but we’re certainly not complaining at having another opportunity to style our neckwear.

  • Start with A and B at the same length around the neck.
  • Pull A over, under and through the loop like you would with a simple tie.
  • At this point it should be sitting like the daytime look but with a smooth finish.
  • Tie A and B into a loose knot at the neck, ensuring it looks smart.
  • Arrange the two sides so the fold over each other at the chest.
  • Secure with a cravat-pin of choice and tuck into your shirt or waistcoat. This should be the finished result:

Extra-Format Cravat. This one should probably be reserved for weddings or similar events only (unless, of course you’re a member of royalty) because it is extremely traditional. However, when worn, it is sure to make an impact.

  • Start with A slightly longer than B around the neck.
  • As before, pull A over and around B, then repeat making sure the tightness feels comfortable.
  • Take A over the neck loop and through the knot you have created.
  • Make sure you keep the knot ruched and fairly loose to get the best effect. Here’s your final look for this style:

And with that, you have all the tools to go forth and look awesome! We may not be able to give you a sew-on patch like your scout leader but hopefully you feel your new cravat knowledge is more than enough. Now just to pick the perfect print...

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