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The Brotique's Guide to Cycling in Cold Weather

October 16, 2014

Okay guys, you may have noticed a slight temperature drop around these parts. We’ve went from a near tropical Summer to in a few short weeks, in a word, baltic.  Now when it comes to cycling, and more importantly, cycling in cold weather, this is hardly our first rodeo - however with dark mornings, shorter days and sore joints - it can be hard to keep motivated when the thermostat starts moving South.  It’s time to brush up on those cold weather cycling tips.


Prepare your bike

Remember that old Boy Scout motto? Be prepared. It’s a pretty good rule of  thumb to apply anywhere in life, and with the impending cold weather, planning ahead has never been more key.  Keep it clean, fix yourself up with some lights (we cannot stress enough how important this is) and give it a wee go over with some all-weather lubricant.  Make sure to keep your breaks in check and maybe switch to a tyre with more treat (even releasing some air out of the tyres will give you a bit more grip, which you’ll be thankful for when that black ice comes back around.)


Dress for the weather

As a general rule of thumb you should be a littlecold when you set off cycling. If you come out all roasty toasty and ready to face an arctic tundra you are going to be having a hell of a time in about 10 minutes once you’ve warmed up.  That said,layering is totally your best pal when the nights start drawing in. A pair of gloves are going to save you a world of misery and some light layers are going to keep the biting cold out.  A wee helmet liner under your helmet (safety first guys) is always a plus, some nice thermal socks in your shoes are even better.

Remember you’re wanting to go for some brights over your coats. A wee touch of flouresent is going to heighten your visibility and keep you safe.

Plan your route

When it gets icier, stick to roads that are more likely to be treated with salt and grit, and stay out of those gutters! They are ice traps. Be careful at corners and remember to know your limits. Sometimes it’s better to train inside than risk getting hurt. Until the frost appears though, use this time to change up your route and have fun. Nothing breaks up tedium more than shaking things up a bit.


And just in case.......


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What more could you possibly need?

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