Top 5 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes for Men.

October 21, 2014

We at The Brotique are firm believers in pulling out all the stops on Halloween, crafting a costume that's the perfect blend of witty, cool, and creative. Call us competitive, but our eyes are on the best dressed prize and with only 10 days to go until showtime, here are some pop culture costume ideas that all your friends only wished they'd thought of first.


Nucky Thompson From Boardwalk Empire

What to wear:Crazy eyes a side, wear a three-piece suit with a red flower on the lapel and a bowler hat for good measure. Make sure you fill your hip flask to the brim and be prepared to casually remove it from your right breast pocket.

Complete the look: Look Intense but yet, effortlessly in control at all times


Ron Swanson From Parks and Recreation

What to wear:Other that not going out for Halloween because you are too busy eating bacon, try a pair of classic slacks with a belt worn with a tucked in long sleeve polo shirt. Comb your hair into an efficient pomped slickback neatly trim that mustache. If facial hair ain't your game, eyelash glue and some fur will do the trick.

Complete the look: Call people "son," talk about your love for meat, whiskey and wood.


Bob From Bob's Burgers

What to Wear:Comfort all your after? Grab a white, short-sleeve tee, a pair of gray sweats/jeans and top off with an apron.Trim your moustache and leave some token stubble around the edges, focilally challenged? Draw your mouser on with a Sharpe, that's what Bob would do!

Complete the look: All outa burgers? Throw in a bunch of "Oh my gods," and you'll be fine

(Please don't draw on a moustache with a Sharpie)


Jon Snow From Game of Thrones

What to wear: Any Jon Snow costume needs a black cloak, preferably with a furry collar. If you can't find a furry cloak, grab the largest faux fur gilet/rug you can find and secure two belts across the chest. Wear dark items that closely resemble battle gear and your best 'Winter is Coming' boots. Complete the look with an unassuming black curly wig a sword.

Complete the look: A look of casual bewilderment suits here. Remember, you know nothing Jon Snow.


Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy

What to Wear:If you’re gonna spend your time racing Harley Davidsons, selling drugs and being a helluva badass, you know can’t do that in some skinny jeans. Switch for a sturdy pair of straight cut denims, worn with a check shirt (we know we all have one) or baggy tee, revamp your old leather by slapping on some DIY patches and your half way there, tough guy!

Complete the look:Throw on a pair of sunglasses and you will be good to roll out on whatever mode of transportation you chose.