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Brotique's grooming guide: Prepare your skin for Movember

October 23, 2014

Failure to Prepare is Preparing to Fail


Sure, you guys can cultivate a beard. But can you grow it for a month straight without shaving? Most people already know the concept of Movember, yet to go grow for a whole month without any preparation can have consequences: That scraggy look isn’t exactly dapper. Nor are ingrown hairs, spotty skin or rashes.

You have to begin the challenge with a bare face and as most beardies know, skincare underneath that furry face-mane can lack when you know it won’t be on show. So now’s the time to get the groundwork under way so that when you do get growing you still look as handsome as ever.


First up is your cleansing routine. We love Triumph and Disaster’s Ritual Cleanser. Peppermint oil to tone and the antioxidant super ingredient Tamanu oil to heal and protect are a match made in heaven. Plus you can still get your face feeling fresh without that tight, dry feel. You want to be using this most days with warm water to get a gentle exfoliation going and open up those pores.



Another great product is Lush Cosmetics’ Kalamazoobeard and face wash. This is a great way to stop any nasties and dead skin from clogging up your beard and skin, which will make future hair growth much more painless. The enzymic fresh pineapple juice is the miracle ingredient here, cutting through all the gunk and softening those bristles.

Next up - get your Gameface on. This moisturiser, also from Triumph and Disaster, is the antithesis of most of the products on the market. This protects your skin from aging and is alcohol free but also is designed specifically for male skin which sometimes needs a bit more help with oil reduction. It’ll leave a you with a protective barrier on your skin that’ll keep those autumn winds from doing damage.


And to finish, why not smooth on some Bearded Bastard Woodsman Oil? It’ll condition with a mind-blowing collection of blended oils (safflower, almond, grapeseed, jojoba, argan, castor, and olive). Most importantly, though, it’ll leave your pride and joy with an earthy, pine scent to make the best of what you have before you have to chop it off and start again.


So will you be raising money for Movember this year? Stay tuned for more grooming tips to help you on your charity challenge. 

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