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Everyday Essentials: Form 2i from Bang and Olufsen.

November 04, 2014

Our morning commute always requires a few things: our zone card, double shot latte and our headphones blaring our favourite playlist. In the past we've all used thoseApple earbuds, but sometimes when the beats are THAT good, you want to be able to bump the bass without your seat-mate intruding in on your favourite jam. That’s when we turn to our new favourite additions to The Brotique and trust in the incredible sounds from Bang and Olufsen.

Design house Bang & Olufsen has been cranking out some gorgeous, great-sounding audio products since 1925. After creating their now iconic Form 2 headphones, they are nowrecognised as the longest living headphone design in the word. Never ones to leave things in the past, B&O have updated and relaunched the headset with new hi tech features including a microphone (hiya handsfree), 3-button remote and improved comfort, as well as a new name, Form 2i.

Known for their avant-garde designs like the iconic banana phone, the BeoSound 9000 CD player and the newly available to Brotique BeoPlay A9 Speaker, Danish brand B&O chose a more minimalist, yet elegant design for its new remake of their classic headphones. After first hitting the streets in 1985, Bang and Olufsen Form 2 were an instant favourite amongst critics and music fans alike – so much so that in 1992 it was included in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

The updated Form 2i headphones are miles away from your average cans. Available in 6 new colours, the super-lightweight stereo headphones let you listen (privately) to your tunes at any time and any volume, with their handy adjustable three button remote and handsfree mic. Not ones to do a simple add and  tweak, B&O have also  made sure they provide a flat and neutral sound allowing the wearer  to hear the music just the way the producer/artist had intended. If you are looking for some listening inspo, we’re ridding ourselves of the winter blues by tuning into our new favourite site, Poolside FM. Nothing gets you walking faster or working harder than some 80’s Americana.

Not ready to dump those plugs plugs yet? Invest in comfort, style and technology in the Earset 3i’s for all the headphones you will ever need. Shop the full selection of Bang & Olufsen within our Audio Section.

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