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Remember, Remember for it is Movember

November 06, 2014

Forget last night’s fireworks, this is the  month of Mo’s which marks the annual fundraising event for testicular and prostate cancer called Movember. Here at The Brotique we’re  big into this as I’m sure is obvious from our hirsute faces the rest of the year, but Movember transcends the current fashion for beards and ‘staches. It’s about raising money from sponsorship and creating awareness of male cancers by abandoning all facial hair norms and opting for a mouser.

Movember has going for almost 10 years now and has raised over 174 million US Dollars worldwide. It is strange to think that something that is so positive can still be affected by online criticism to the participants. Social media is a great tool for raising money but it seems it also attracts every killjoy and troll going, too. Just like what happened with the Breast Cancer #nomakeupselfie campaign, Movember has garnered criticism from people who say “it’s just a pointless stunt” or “a bit of fun that makes no real difference”. Shaming people that try to do good is age-old. We’re not sure whether it’s motivated by jealousy or simply nothing better to do, yet we do know that we’re completely over it. The money raised - as mentioned earlier - should be evidence enough of ALL the good the campaign does. And if that isn’t enough, there’s still the fact that people now talk more than ever about testicular and prostate cancer. It’s no longer taboo to go see the doctor and get checked up. Even our dads and granddads have ‘manned up’ and left the stoic reluctance to see the GP regarding these issues behind.

We’re wholeheartedly supportive of Movember and love seeing our customers supporting a healthy amount of fluff on their upper lips. It’s a great way to show solidarity and make sure that more and more men survive from a disease that, if checked early enough, is entirely curable. To get your top lips inspired, we take a minute to look at world renowned Mo Ambassador Nick Offerman AKA Ron Swanson. Take a few top tips from the moustache behind the man, coupled with a few products from our  Grooming Section and you'll be half way to a thick and lustrous moustache in no time!  Take notes gentlemen, he's a professional.


What a feeling indeed! On that note, it seems pertinent to mention that we have a little something up our sleeves for the month of Mo. With a new store launch imminent, there’s double the cause to celebrate. We’ll be hosting a fundraising party with an emphasis on fun. It’s all under wraps right now but it’s sure to INKlude some hot hot heat, and of course a little help from our friends, just put Saturday the 22nd in your diaries. Happy Movember folks!

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