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Get your Jollie's

November 11, 2014


More-than-profit. What a glorious way to describe a company. That’s just what Jollie Goods are doing, turning a profit but making a whole load of difference in the process - and some stylish socks for good measure.

For every pair of Jollies you buy, another pair of thick hiking socks are donated to a local homeless charity. Yes, local! So if you buy a pair from The Brotique, someone will get some from the Bethany Trust in Edinburgh (who do awesome things for homeless people in the area).

Jollies socks are the latest accessory for those who give a damn about looking good and about being a blooming good bloke. In a fetching recyclable tin can and sporting a hefty array of colours, these socks are a fashion statement that will make any dowdy outfit unignorable. They’re also made of 100% super soft cotton so your feet feel great while they look great AND you’re doing something great as well..

So get your Jollie on and start doing a bit of good from the ground up. Take a step to make a difference and put your best foot forward in the effort to help the homeless. P.s. We are not even sorry for those puns.

Jollies socks are available at The Brotique (because how could we not?!) priced at £15. They’re also available as part of our Winter Warmer bundle including our essential Mo Mug, Brotique blended coffee and Jollie Socks all for only £25.

Jollie Goods’ motto is “wear a pair, share a pair”. So get wearing and without even trying you can get sharing too.

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