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November 24, 2014


Come the release of any new Grand Theft Auto game and you pretty much have to pry us away from the console. Granted, this one isn’t a brand new game (just an update) but the 15 year old gamer kid in us is still rather stoked.

This new-gen version will be similar to GTA V but with some cool new updates like the ability to switch to first person mode in just the push of a button, a quicker running online service and more realistic environments (seriously, the graphics are ridiculous).

There’s something about Rockstar North that has that just always feels exciting. They’re irreverent but still appeal to a fair share of the gaming population. Plus it all came from Scotland, which is very cool given how successful they are. Grand Theft Auto V broke records the day it was released and is still the highest grossing game of all time. And just down the road, too.

Their Scottish references are hilarious. Hawick, Elgin and Seton Sands are all places in the town of Los Santos and the beer is called Jakey’s - which American players may not get but we definitely do. As well as this, the radio news reports that a certain tram development service will be running over-budget and over-time. Where have we heard that before?

We also had to mention that there’s a Greek food outlet Vespucci Beach called ‘Gyro Day’. We can practically hear the reference going over foreign players’ heads but that’s probably for the best.

It’s great that they include these little touches like some small heads up to the Scottish fans. They’re a fair bit more than a local business now but we still feel special and that’s that!

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