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Debit, Credit, Splurge - Gift Guide for the Gadget Guy

November 26, 2014

You know how it goes, tell someone in passing your favourite animal and every Christmas receive a new panda related gift. Enjoyed East 17 as a teenager? You know granny will be getting you a fluffy parka every year for the rest of your life.

We’re taking a stand against tacky presents. All too often us men are afraid to ask for proper gifts, so this year we’ll TELL you what the guy in your life wants. With our series of Christmas shopping guides we’ll point you in the right direction of what he’s actually hoping for in his stocking with something to suit every budget. Today we're talking gadgets. 

The Gadget Guy

This fella is never off his tablet/smartphone/satnav/workout tech/hi-spec pc (circle as appropriate) and you know he’ll be the first to volunteer when they’re putting cyborg chips in people’s brains. Perhaps a bit of a social-media junkie and definitely a wiz when it comes to app development or ethernet cables. We’re willing to bet you haven’t been able to pry him off his console since the new GTA came out so you know his eyes would light up at anything that enables his gadget addiction.

Debit - Cordito Plug Organiser 

Credit - Old-School Original Game Boy 

Splurge - Bang and Olufsen Speaker 


Not in to gadgets? If you are more creative, ourdoorsy or foodie (or hell, a mix of all of the above) we've got our handpicked best buys for your price point. 

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