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Decembeard: You Got the Mo, Now Fill it Below

December 02, 2014

It seems like Movember came and went in a flash with gents the world over growing in some whiskers all in the name of cancer. As we launch in to December, Decembeard is encouraging men to put down their razors for the month and help raise money for Bowel Cancer. 

It's the second biggest cause of cancer deaths, yet if diagnosed early enough 90% of cases can be successfully put in to remission. How about that for a hit rate?  Obviously men's health is a pretty big deal to us at The Brotique, so here's the symptoms you need to keep a wary eye for.

  1. If you're ass is bleeding this is a key sign that you're in big trouble. Get that (literal) shit checked out right away.
  2. Likewise, not quite as regular as you should be? If this doesn't clear up over a few days to the GP's you go.
  3. Feeling sluggish and loosing a ton of weight? A key sign that that shit ain't right.
  4. Severe abdominal pain and  lumps at your stomach are not normal and worth booking it with the Doctor's.


While if you only have one, a few or all of these symptoms, that doesn't mean you have bowel cancer, in fact they can be indicative of many other problems from as varied as a really rough night to something more severe like crohn's. Either way it's better to be safe  than sorry. 


We'll be bringing our favourite grooming products, tips from top bearded gents and a round up of the best beards in pop culture all throughout Decembeard. Will you be ditching the blades this season? Make sure you sign up at!

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