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Decembeard: Treat Yo Beard

December 08, 2014

By now you're wirey locks will be well on their way to full bloom. If you're a habitual beard haver you'll already have your basic gents grooming maintenance down, though it's always worth a cheeky wee update with the gorgeous new products we've got in. First time beardy? We've got something for you too.  Here's our Top 5 Beard Grooming essentials that you need to get through Decembeard.


Braw Beard Wash:

Cleanliness is next to godliness, so channel your inner Norse God and keep those whiskers washed. There's nothing worse than getting crumbs of the day stuck in the old face sporran so make your beard braw with a good scrub. 


Honestman Beard Oil

Want to give your beard a bit of healthy encouragement? Honest's black pepper + lemongrass beard oil will clean and condition your beard whilst promoting a healthy hair growth. With nourishing oils of Jojoba and Avocado, together with beautiful manly scents of Cedar wood, Lemongrass and Black pepper using the finest essential oils .

Hatchet & Bear Viking's Beard Comb

Using this handcrafted comb feels better to use than any other - it's perfectly honed teeth brush easily through your beard, and even allow you to give your skin a good scratch. We can't tell you how important that is!

This is a comb for keeping beards in great condition and encouraging the growth of healthy, luxurious facial hair. Made using ancient Viking wisdom, an axe, a knife and a branch of Somerset walnut tree.

Apothecary87 Limited Edition Whiskey:

A bittersweet scent for the Autumn months, this limited edition oil is great for giving your beard a bit of much needed TLC during the winter months. It goes on a treat, smells divine and keeps your hair looking healthy and glossy.

Book of Beards

Need inspiration?   The best beards in the world come together in this magnificent showcase. Taken at the World Beard and Moustache Championships, this collection captures the most stylish and outrageous beards - and the equally fascinating men who wear them.


Any glaring omissions? How are you taking care of your beard this December? 


Remember to check out to see how you can help support them raise money/awareness for Bowel Cancer!

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