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The Brotique Christmas Man Hamper

December 09, 2014

There is no getting away from Christmas now. Monty the penguin has made us all tear up a little (even if you try and deny it); the fridges are stocked with mini kievs and quiches and every mini thing imaginable; and we’re up all night with the fear of going to the shops to buy presents. But, of course, the Brotique is here to try and minimise at least a little bit of that stress for you with our Christmas ManHamper.

We’ve tried our best this year to create a total crowd-pleaser for most bros out there. You certainly won’t be getting any “It’s the thought that counts” comments, that’s for sure. Plus, it all comes pre-packed and hampered up for you so those days of plodding the high-street are over.

Here’s all the goodies inside:

  • Jollie Socks (choice of colours)
  • Mo Mug
  • Leuchtturm 1917 gold or silver limited edition notebook
  • Damn Good Advice book
  • Bellroy Bro Wallet (limited edition numbered, 100 units)
  • Gold or silver Caran d'Ache 849 pen
  • All packaged in our ManHamper 2


Close Up of our Manhamper 2 displayed in our new store on 39 Queen St, Edinburgh

The Brotique love to champion independent designers and not-the-usual gifts that show craftsmanship and quality. The Caran d’Ache pen is Swiss made and can write over 600 pages of A4. The Bellroy wallet is made from water-resistant leather and comes with a 3 year warranty. With the Jollie Socks, a donation is also made to an Edinburgh homelessness charity. There really is not scrimping here!

The Original #Manhamper On SALE now


We don’t want the guy in your life to have to wake up to some dodgy cartoon pants and a “hilarious” plastic novelty. This ManHamper has everything the gent about town needs, so why not buy him something that will actually be taken out of the box this year? (or the hamper, as the case may be). If you think you could do a better job, why not curate your own Manhamper?  Or even yet, invest in your very own wicker holdall, with The Original on sale for just £20, it would be rude not to! 

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