The Brotique Needs You Indie Designers

December 10, 2014



You heard right ladies and gents, your Brotique needs you. We couldn't be more proud about moving to our new boutique in the heart of Edinburgh (and handily, with an artisan bakers below.) We have a larger store and are continually on the hunt for new lines. We've come across some gorgeous gems in the past few weeks from organic British made grooming products to watches built in Glasgow. We are always striving to have a constant rotation of very best of independent, ethical retailers which is why we're inviting you to show us your wares. Whether you'll be a permanent fixture of a seasonal special, we want the very best products. From adventuring, literature to keeping yourself well presented - if you are an ethically made independent maker we want to hear from you.


So what do you do? Send us a tweet at @The_Brotiqueand show us your wares. If we like the cut of your jib we'd be delighted to add you to our ever growing rosta of gorgeous products including Bellroy, Triumph and Disaster and Derm Ink.


We look forward to hearing from you