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The Weirdest Christmas Traditions From Around the World

December 19, 2014


It can be weird to realise people don't celebrate your favourite holidays the same way you do. What would Christmas be without leaving mince pies out for Santa?  Well apparently no Christmas at all unless you've been treating the festive pooping log right. You heard right. We've rounded up our Top 5 weirdest christmas traditions from around the world.


Why have turkey when you can have KFC?


This is certainly an odd one which has gained more and more tract as time's gone on. Japan doesn't traditionally celebrate Christmas but thanks to some very clever marketing, it's become a bit of a festive tradition to get your family bucket in on Christmas Eve. It may all sound a bit tragic but KFC pull out all the stops. Some champagne with your fried chicken sir?


What the shit Catalonia?


It really was hard to pick one for Catalonia but their traditions fully embrace all the "shit" that comes along with the season. Figurines defecating with their trousers down make frequent appearances in otherwise traditional Nativity scenes (available in celebrities of your choice fact fans) but this is nothing quite compared to Tio De Nadal. Or you know, the pooping log. A log is dressed up with a face and a blanket placed over it while the family lavishes attention and treats on it on the run up to Christmas. On Christmas eve however they beat the log with sticks singing at it to "poop some gifts out for them." Which it does. On Christmas morning under the blanket their is various small xmas gifts. How about that for your stocking?


Find the pickle


Find the pickle sounds exactly like the kind of game we'd want to avoid, but is a popular family tradition in Germany. A pickle is hidden in the Christmas tree and on Christmas morning the children must "find the pickle." Whoever finds it gets a small gift and various seasonal treats.  And yet, not the oddest one on this list.


Take the Plunge


We're not sure where this tradition came from or how it's become so popular but apparently, it's a thing. On Christmas day people in the U.K (mostly Brighton, those crazy Southerners) run in to the freezing sea on Christmas day. Also turns out to be quite popular in Scotland on New Year's Day. That's one way to deal with a hangover.

Get yer skates on


In Venezuela the streets are cleared early morning so people can roller skate to morning mass. We can certainly think of worse ways to kick off the seasonal festivities than getting your skates on!


We haven't even begun to scrape the surface of different traditions around the world, but these are certainly some of our favourites (and a helluva lot more exciting that a tangerine in the bottom of your sock.) What's your favourite festive traditions over the holiday?

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