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The Resolutions you want to keep : Look after your skin

January 05, 2015

We're less than a week in and we've already broken half of our resolutions. Drink less beer? Patched by New Year's Day Dinner. Work out more? All very well and good in theory but the gyms are already hoaching with resolutioners trying to shift the holiday pounds.  We don't really believe in waiting for the new year to kick start any self improvement, however, any excuse to kick start some new healthy habits, explore more and get your creative juices flowing is all right by us.

As far as skin goes, ours has been better. 2 weeks of late nights, later mornings and Quality Street tends to have the effect on those with even the most rigorous skincare regime. We're not going to pretend that diet and drinking more water isn't a major player in the skincare game (it's the gatekeeper to healthy, fresh skin) but there's no problem in helping it along the way.


Triumph & Disaster Ritual Face Cleanser

No one wants a dirty face, but Triumph & Disasters Ritual face wash not keeps you clean but also looks after your skin. 

With a gentle peppermint scent its naturally formulated for everyday use and free of harsh chemicals and will not dry out your skin. Rich in Tamanu oil this wash is actually an antioxidant that heals the skin and works against the effects of pollution, skin damage and ageing. It's also precisely balanced to keep the skin clear from spots and acne without a harsh drying effect. So pretty much everything you need to tackle the elements of the festive season right?

Scaramouche & Fandango Hydrator 

A long lasting moisturising hydrator that does exactly what it promises. The only thing that should be dry is your sense of humour. There is no excuse not to moisturise and this little guy has got to be one of our favourites. No fuss, no mus, just good clean fun. 


There are few things worse than dry, cracked lips in the Winter, but Honest have you covered with this gorgeous spearmint lip treatment.This wonderfully luxuriant balm guards against chapping and protects against moisture loss. We’ve blended cooling spearmint and deeply nourishing cocoa with thistle and hemp to restore, protect and condition. Your lips will be soft, smooth and healthy. Of you're out and about this is one product you need at the top of your bag.
What resolutions are you hoping to keep?



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