The Resolutions You Want to Keep: Travel More

by Richard Murphy January 07, 2015 2 min read

If you really want to make sure you keep your resolutions, make sure it's promises you actually want to keep. Sure cutting down on caffeine is a noble goal, but maybe not the first week back at work, and there is nothing worse than going cold turkey to drive you straight back to the coffee pot.  One thing we always tell ourselves is that we want to travel more. It doesn't have to be a luxury getaway or hostel jumping, but we know we want to see as many new places as humanly possible as we can this year. Obviously we need a few bits and bobs to help us along the way.


Just Mobile Gum++

We all love our smartphones and tablets, and even when we don't we still need them. Unfortunately all this takes power and when the built in battery dies, the Gum++™ is ready to take over and get you through those critical emails, files, calls or just enjoy the end of your movie.

Available in a range of striking colours, the Gum++™ is clad in a glossy, hard-wearing shell. Inside, an improved 6000mAh battery has enough capacity to recharge a smartphone up to three times, or add precious extra hours to a tablet. And its high-power USB output keeps charge times to a minimum

You can refill the Gum++™ from USB using the supplied cable, and its five LED indicators help you keep track of remaining charge - so you’ll never be caught without power again. 

Compatible with every (yes, every) iPhone and iPad, including the latest iPhone 6 range and iPad air.

Bellroy Passport Sleeve

Perfect for the effeiceint traveller, it keeps everything together securly and stylishly. You can hardly leave the country without this little guy and Bellroy make sure that you've got everything you could possibly need in one slim-fit compartment. 

This slim sleeve protects your passport, with slots for cards and also comes with a pen slotted inside making it even more handy. The signature Bellroy pull-tab also provides quick access to your documents. Experienced travellers pack slim.

  • Sections for passport & folded ticket
  • 2 quick access card slots
  • Micro travel pen with refill
  • Backed by Bellroys 3 year warranty

Oh and as a cheeky bonus? We've gone and thrown in a £5 gift card for Brotique. You're welcome. 


Crooked as Another Birnham Overnight Washbag

As tempting as it may be to pick up some travel sized products on the move, why not pack away some of your favourite products in to your wash bag (an essential for any man on the go.)The Travel wash bag is the large soft shell utility bags and is a great addition to any luggage set. The single roomy compartment will hold everything you need for a few well deserved weeks away. The natural Italian leather and brassware finish off this great travellers companion.

Our travel wishlist is currently as long as both our arms. Where will you be checking out in the New Year?

Richard Murphy
Richard Murphy

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