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The Resolutions You Want to Keep: Create

January 11, 2015

Sure the first week back at work can be a slog for anyone, even if you love your job, but a new year has a way of putting a fresh perspective on things. We find ourselves energised, with new ideas and wanting to create, find new amazing brands and grow. We're already super excited about some of the projects we've got in the pipeline, but here's a few things to keep the momentum going once January ends.

Leutchtturm Sketchbook

You need a notebook. The amount of  times we've found ideas we've had scribbled on the back of train tickets and restaurant receipts is near on embarrassing. Organise your ideas, draw, write and be inspired with a notebook on hand. 

All Leuchtturms are impeccably built but this model has been fine tunes for the more artistic user. The paper is now pure white, 180 gsm - perfect for inks, watercolours and graphite.

Leuchtturm have been making notebooks since 1917 and their journals are definitive. No other journal on the market can match their detailing and precision. The guys at Leuchtturm make sure no detail is overlooked - from the strongest binding to numbered pages. The paper is even archive quality.

Problem number two. The pen. Without the right service your  trusty biro suddenly becomes your worse enemy and you're scribbling on anything that comes to hand  A good pen is as much a part of your kit as a hammer is to a carpenters.  This Swiss-engineered, perfectly balanced ballpoint pen has had a cult following since the Caran D'Ache was founded in 1924. The 849 PopLine ballpoint comes in a variety of bright eye-catching colours and are designed for optimal writing comfort. They also come with ultra-flat, metal packaging.  This pen delivers up to 600 A4 pages, thanks to its acclaimed Goliath ink cartridge. In short, it won't let you down.
One of the biggest ways for us to get inspiration is consuming art we love. Books, films and of course music.  

AC/DC. Hendrix. Paul Weller. ZZ Top. Biffy Clyro. The Black Keys. Gary Moore. Black Sabbath. Jeff Beck. Iron Maiden. Joe Satiani. Kaiser Chiefs. Kasabian. Slash. Stereophonics. These are just some of the names associated with Marshall.

The Major encloses vast amounts of this massive Marshall legacy. The exterior of the headband is made out of the same vinyl used in Marshall amplifiers and it bears Jim Marshall's original texture. besides being straight up dazzling, the Major is a music workhorse with great stamina, designed with non-stop, all-day listening in mind. They fold up for easy storage, are comfortable all day long and they all have an inline microphone and remote.

The FX Edition offers more control with an advanced inline remote that adds volume control and Apple certified compatibility.

Take in as much art as possible and find the things you love and make as much time for them as possible. There is no better breeding ground for ideas. 

So that's our resolutions for the year - keep fresh, travel more and create as much as possible. Exactrly the kind we want to stick to. 


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