Best Place for Brunch in Edinburgh

by Richard Murphy January 26, 2015 2 min read

It's National Breakfast Week (yes, that's a thing) so of course we're celebrating our favourite meal in style. We've rounded up our favourite places to grab some scran in Edinburgh and exactly how long it takes you to get from your fry up to The Brotique. 

Hellers Kitchen 15 Salisbury Place

This is a bit of a local favourite and rightly become one of Edinburgh's more popular brunch establishments. Sure he fresh ingredients, stellar service and no fuss no muss attitude all contribute but it's the daily specials and the staples that you want from here. The pancakes are unbelievable - big and fluffy and everything you want from a short stack. This place gets bonus points for being both kid friendly and perfect for a lunch time catch up with friends.

Just over 30 minutes to The Brotique. 10 minutes if you take your bike. 

Urban Angel - 121 Hanover Street

This little number is dangerously close to The Brotique and is a personal favourite. They may in fact do the best eggs benedict in Edinburgh (and trust us, we've had a lot of eggs benedict in our time.)  With a relaxed and flexible menu made up of some of the best Scottish produce, their menu is unparalleled with it's wide variety of both meatys feasts and veggie friendly treats. 

A hop skip and a jump - we're 3 minutes away

Roseleaf23/24 Sandport Place, Leith

One of the slightly less central of the brunch offerings but definitely worth the journey. This family run cafe and is super small but bursting with character. Decorated with pre-loved furniture and random wee treasures they've acquired over the years makes this a slightly more offbeat brunch time offering.  Try the Tommy Gun - the homemade bread is everything. 

A little bit further out for this one - you're going to want to get the bus for this one (26 minutes away.) Did we mention how good it is? 

Leos Beanery - 23A Howe Street

Come for the coffee, stay for the breakfast.  Sourcing their black pudding and bacon from their butcher neighbours Bowers and with everything cooked to order (you'll be sensing a theme here) with lots of fresh and delicious produce.  The bagels are a firm favourite but it you're looking for something simple to warm your cockles try their creamy porridge oats with stewed spiced apple. 

A 4 minute walk away in our beloved Stockbridge. Really just down the road. 

Treacle- 39-41 Broughton Street

Primarily known for it's killer cocktails, Treacle serves up a pretty impressive breakfast too.  The pan fried brioche French toast with red and blue berries, almond butter and pumpkin seeds is unbelievable  though we've been inclined on more than one occasion to get their sweet potato chips with coconut mayo (yup) on the side. 

Just over half a mile, you can be here within 15 minutes. Broughton Street isn't shy of places to grab a bite to eat.

So have we missed any of your favourite breakfast hot spots? How will you be celebrating National Breakfast Week? 

Richard Murphy
Richard Murphy

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