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Ron Swanson: We Moustache You A Question.

January 30, 2015

Moustachioed men of the world, we’ve lost a comrade. Nick Offerman (aka the amazing Ron Swanson of The Brotique favourite Parks and Rec) stepped out this week without the upper lip fuzz that he’s become synonymous for… and this time it didn’t rub off from friction. Behold:

Up there with Freddie Mercury and Tom Selleck, the Ron Swanson moustache was a thing of beauty. It has now been replaced with a salt and pepper chin-strap beard that 74% of Buzzfeeders voted as a “What did you do, Nick?!” moment.

Now we love a moustache as much as the next, but the reaction to this has been crazy. People are in genuine mourning if Twitter is to be believed. One of our Facebook bros David MacAffer, however, had a more considered and sympathetic outlook:

“I understand it. six years of not just wearing a moustache, but being defined by it. Nick Offerman is a funny, kind, intelligent man; a master craftsman, a writer, a poet, a scholar. what looks to us to be a horrible 2003 chin-strap beard is so much more: It is a statement. It is not a beard, but the absence of a moustache. We should support him.”

Upgraded Mouser for Full Beard

It’s a tough one. Like many people use clothes or make-up, for a lot of us guys our beard or ‘stache is a suit of armour and a big part of our overall image. But despite the fact half the world can no longer recognise Nick Offerman (and many are saying he now resembles Rainn Wilson) he is still the same man.

Perhaps it simply comes as a double shock as Parks and Rec is ending soon AND we’ve lost the face of Ron Swanson that we know and love. But the question remains - does the man make the moustache, or does the moustache make the man? Let us know what you think. And farewell to "The Swanson".


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