Unlucky in Love: Friday 13th Tattoo Story

February 11, 2015

No walking ladders, no spilling salt and under no circumstances, whatever you do, don't get tattooed on Friday the 13th. Hell, by superstitions standards you shouldn't even bother leaving the house.  Yet Friday the 13th Flash has become somewhat of an institution in tattoo studios the world over. The concepts pretty simple. Flash tattoo for £13 and if you're feeling lucky, a £7 tip. 

So why the fascination with getting a 13 tattoo on Friday the 13th?  You see anything from more traditional Roman numerals to flash designed round the artists own passions - spilled salt spelling out 13, keys, lucky cats, love letters and coffins.  For some it's an act of rebellion, others it's a way of taking control (who believes in luck anyway) and sometimes, well sometime's it's just a bit of fun.

With this Friday the 13th preceding the big V-day this year, some of our favourite studios are taking a slightly more love/anti-valentine's approach to their seasonal flash.  

Here are some of our favourites that have some offers on this Friday the 13th.

 Rock N Roll Tattoo Edinburgh

Forevermore Glasgow

And obviously after you'll be wanting to take good TLC of your new tattoo. Derm Ink Tattoo Balm is our treatment of choice.

Will you be getting any flash this Friday the 13th?