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Valentines Isn't Just for Lovers

February 13, 2015

Okay so it seems like the last few weeks have been a flurry of hearts and candies chocs. And that's fine if that's what you're in to. But what if you don't have a special to spend this weekend with? Or perhaps you like to forego traditions and just take a break from romance and indulge in a bit of private time. Whatever which way about it, we've thought of our favourite ways to kill some time this weekend.

Netflix Binge

It's the tv show that won't die, and while they may not quite achieve #6seasonsandamovie, if you haven't already got Community or your watch list, now's the time to rectify it.  Funny, subversive and strange all at the same time the single cam comedy takes place in fictional Greendale Community College. You're sure to recognise a few familiar faces (Childish Gambino, is that you? Yes. Yes it is) as you power through this must see series. 

Have a fancy bath

Who says baths are just for girls? Not us. We're not so secret Lush heads, so crumbling one of the Lonely Hearts (not even sorry) bath bar in to our bath sounds like heaven. We're talking lemon grass, jasmine and ylang ylang. Time to soak it up. 

Download Theme Hospital

Fancy loosing a good 10 hours of your life without even blinking?  Download your childhood straight on to your laptop with Theme Hospital. Who needs a life anyway? You're off saving the world from Bloaty Head syndrome. 

Treat Yo Self

Give your face some TLC with our Beardly Beloved Kit. Equipped with everything you could possibly need to give your facial follicles a good spruce, sometimes you just need to treat yourself to something a bit special. 

For the love of God leave the house.....

Yeah, a weekend of binging on games, telly and fancy bath goods sounds amazing, but don't go full on hermit on us. Edinburgh is bloody beautiful so stretch those legs and go on an adventure around your city. Find new places for a killer coffee, go for a hike, but make sure you make the most of your weekend. You can fit everything you need in a cheeky wee Rhodesian. 

What's your plans for this weekend then?

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