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5 Gym Bag Grooming Essentials.

February 20, 2015

It's a gym bag, not a long weekend so why do we waste our money getting travel size? We want a product that will last as long as our bench press target, so we've taken a look at our own gym bag at some of our favourites that will  you from workout to workday smellin' fresh. 

1. Triumph and Disaster Game Face Moisturiser

A sweaty face can result in dry and scaley skin. This Triumph and Disaster Game Face moisturiser does exactly what it says on the tube, light and non greasy and really quickly absorbed, its truly the perfect moisturiser whether being used morning, noon or night. 

2. Scaramouche & Fandango Body Wash

Refresh and rejuvenate your skin after a tough workout. Enriched with Brazilian papaya extract and vitamin E to nourish and condition your skin, keeping it touchably soft and supple. Free from oil, silicone and parabens, it's the perfect product when you want an invigorating shower. 

3.  Man Made Shampoo and Conditioner

A good quality everyday Shampoo and Conditioner (if needed) will help cleanse and remove old product and sweat from your hair and leave you feeling refreshed in a short scrub.

4. Hudson and Armitgate Scented Oil 

Nothing is worse than a sweaty beard. Get it back to awesome with this beard oil from Hudson and Armitige. We love the Mariner which contains Almond, Cedarwood and Lime essential oils. Perfect for that after gym fresh feeling. 

5. Aromaco Deoderant from Lush

Last but definitely not least, a solid deodorant that absorbs odour and leaves you smelling as fresh as an earthy manly daisy. Its essential oils and anti-bacterial ingredients work in harmony to keep you feeling fresh and dry, perfect before and after a work out. The great thing about Lush deodorants is that they tighten pores rather than block them, helping you to keep cool and fresh. 

Have you got a gym essential that we should get in our bags? Tweet us over at @the_brotique and let us know. #BroandTell

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