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The BrOscars

February 24, 2015

The Oscars on Sunday night were a true spectacle. The ladies looked fabulous and there was some strong suit game from the boys - in particular Jared Leto. We’re sure you’ll see plenty of best and worst dressed lists from the event, however, so we thought we’d switch it up and give the films more of the credit - that’s what the awards are for after all. We know t's not the amount of gongs that makes you tune in to films, though, it's your pals says "THAT WAS AMAAAAAAZING". So h ere’s your pal the Brotique’s top films of the year.


We love a film where you leave the cinema with a mixture of elation and wtf just happened. Birdman was one of those. There was an incredible chemistry between Michael Keaton and Edward Norton that mixed tension as well as a kind of bromance. It’s also quite refreshing to see a heavy drama about mental health in the guise of a fantasy movie. Plus it’s already given us an idea for a unique halloween costume which adds extra brownie points.


This film took 12 years to make! Imagine watching children become adults for real over the space of a film. It’s like seeing a life flash before your eyes - good, bad and ugly. If you like action and adventure this isn’t for you. But seeing real life at it’s rawest and realest is better than a car chase any day, we reckon.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson never fails to make us smile. The charming cinematography and quirky way with dialogue is anything but boring or expected. It’s all bright colours and funny, madcap characters. It’s not exactly different from Anderson’s previous offerings but frankly that’s fine with us.


Our hearts are basically still in our mouths after this film. No spoilers but the end scene had us close to an anxiety attack. Fast drum beats and an almost stressful pace really get you going and you don’t quite know how to feel about music mentor Fletcher (played by J.K. Simmons). We know it made us want us to keep our hobbies as hobbies, anyway.

Lego Movie

This heart-warming flick was pretty much pushed out of the awards this year much to our dismay. Perhaps it was because it was technically a kids movie, or maybe it was because it was about a plastic toy brick. But we thought it was so much more than that and deserved a mention. Chris Pratt is the man of the hour and deserves a pat on the back for making us feel emotion towards a lego. Kudos.

So what was your favourite film of the year? Are there any you think missed out at the Oscars this year? Let us know.

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