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Bacon Hacks

March 11, 2015

This is Everybody needs more bacon in their life fact, not opinion. If they made bacon-o breakfast cereal, a bacon flavoured summer ice pole, or bacon soda we'd be the first ones buying. Perhaps a little obsessive but that's what smoky, crispy goodness will do to you.

Here are 10 ways we worked out to increase bacon consumption and, by proxy, life happiness.

  • Make these bacon and egg cups . Who'd have thought a handheld breakfast could be soperfect?
  • Add some fried bacon lardons to your mac and cheese. Although, you should really be doing this already because it's delicious.
  • Glug some bacon hot sauce that goes surprisingly well with... Well, you know... BACON. Add some freshly cooked lardons to your jar of hot sauce and leave to infuse. Et voila.
  • Bacon toothpaste. We don't know who decided mouths should be minty, but we'd rather give a different impression.

  • Spread some bourbon-laced bacon jam on your cheese and crackers. Martha knows best!
  • Coat freshly popped corn with bacon fat (yeah, you saw right) and crumbled crispy rashers,
  • Whip up some pancetta chips - Squish pancetta between two baking sheets and stick in the oven for 25 minutes. Simple, yet effective.
  • Mix bacon flavoured vodka into your bloody mary. Could life be any better? 
  • Add bacon to a meaty ragu, giving it smokiness and juiciness that can never be matched.  Here'sthe best recipe we found so far.
  • Buy this maple bacon coffee to put your morning drink and your morning meal in one! 
Disclaimer: We cannot be held responsible to the extra inches you may put on. But we will happily take credit for your larger smile. Enjoy fellow bacon fanatics!

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