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Furniture at The Brotique

March 25, 2015

Our range of products is pretty vast. We've gotten into your ears with our Bang and Olufsen headphones, into your workplace with Leuchtturm stationery and all over your face with our array of grooming goodies. But now we want to get into your home (cue evil laughter). To do this, we've started stocking some beautiful furniture that you'll be powerless to resist. As you lot are lovers of high-quality fabrics and characterful looks we've tried our best to bring you just that.

First off is theCassettini tables. These are amazing for their antique looks but without a rickety frame as designer John Wilson crafts each one physically around a vintage piecewith solid hardwood. We have three styles in stock rightnow but each one is handmade and unique as you would expect from anything at The Brotique. 

Cassettini  "Waves" Side Table with Drawer

Sat beside a bed, or arm chair this side table has a cheeky character and warmth to it. The gentle, hand carved curves of the drawer front look are unique even among Johns incredible sourcing. The warmth and subtly of the woodwork remind us of a well loved chess set. Check mate. 

Cassettini "Stacked" Console Table

The "Stacked" console table is a stunning piece with 2 drawers built into a solid walnut frame. Sitting on delicate but sturdy legs the drawers are accented by a pigeon hole, perfect to keep your favourite books at hands reach. 

Cassettini "Horizon" Console Table

The Horizon is a purer take on the Stacked console table but still makes a great statement. The asymmetry of the piece is balanced by its refined form and the warmth of its walnut frame. The peek hole at the side would be perfect for storing easy to reach pens or even beard oils and a comb before running out the door. 

The Brotique Old School Work Bench

Sourced from a closed school workshop in Dorset, this piece has loads of character and a lifetime of stories. Workbenches like this can go on to continue their life of labour but also make amazing kitchen tables, dressers and desks.Certainly a great talking piece for any home. 

Feel like you know a craftsman we don't? Send us a tweet over at @the_brotique and tell us about it! #BroandTell



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