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Introducing Abbeyhorn to The Brotique

March 31, 2015

We are always excited when a new brand lands in The Brotique, even more so when it is a brand has over 200 years experience in their trade. Established in 1749, Abbeyhornhas been making high-quality horn products in their English studio. Since 1991, the firm has been based in the village of Holme, Lancashire, where everything is made by a team of just nine people. Pretty amazing huh? 

Founded by the Humpherson family in Bewdley, England, the brand started with traditional homeware items such as shoehorns, shaving brushes and drinking horns, to be used with a fine whisky of course!  In1980, present owner  Paul Cleasby joined as an apprentice horn worker, and in 1991 he bought the company and moved it to the village of Holme. In 1998,Horncraft , a company from Ayrshire, Scotland, was purchased and merged to create the current Abbeyhorn company, creating the finest natural goods the UK can offer.


Arrowhead Moustache Comb £25

In a world full of mass production, it is great to have a reminder of just how appealing naturally made products are. By keeping some of their old manufacturing traditions, Abbeyhorn not only use time honoured techniques but also offer quality goods that are built to last, showing fashion and function is not a case of either-or.


Sgian Dubh (ski indoo to you and me) your perfect kilt partner£52

You know we are all about sustainability and ethically sourced goods at The Brotique, so it was essential to know about where the bone and horn have come from. We are extremely happy to tell you that Abbeyhorn use 'waste' materials which are by-product from the meat industry before going to landfill. It is safe to say that no animals have been harmed to make these products, it's all about reuse, recycle and reform.

Handmade Oxhorn Badger Shaving Brush£55

Before ordering your Abbeyhorn piece, remember  e ach  product is made with 100% natural horn or bone, so no two pieces will ever be the same. One thing you can rest assured is that any product will be a bonafide heirloom in the making. 


Flat Shoehorn£25


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